Buck, buck, buck

Like a masked chicken of the darkness, the anonymous commenter deposits his ad hominem attack and then flees the scene, as though repelled by the malodorous stench of his own words. Alright, I’m not Stephen King. But the point is that, if you leave an anonymous comment that doesn’t contribute anything, from now on I’m going to feel free to delete it. I will never delete signed comments, unless they’re completely off-topic, or reveal the coordinates of nuclear missiles being transported across South Dakota, or something like that. Oh yeah: and tomorrow night, if you’re going to egg any houses or toilet-paper any trees, sign your work.

8 Responses to “Buck, buck, buck”

  1. Miss HT Psych Says:

    Good call! Anonymous readers who don’t sign their work usually aren’t regular readers anyways…

  2. Scott Says:

    Thanks, Miss HT!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Missle Coordinates in the the Daily Press.

  4. Greg Kuperberg Says:

    Not a problem, Scott. If I egg someone’s house on Halloween, they’ll know who did it anyway.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Miss HT: it is not true that anonynmous readers are not regulars. It is only that
    in our culture of peer reviews, we are encouraged to behave like masked chicken etc. And this system apparently works very well.

    Of course, this is not to condone off topic or irrelevant comments.

  6. Jim Says:

    Well, I’m just going to leave my comments under various pseudonyms now.

  7. GammonChick Says:

    You’re right. I think people should sign their names… I’m curious how you got to Shtetl-Optimized for your blog name, and I’m sorry you were sick, and it’s probably because not enough people toilet-papered your house!

    have a great day,

  8. Scott Says:

    GammonChick: Thanks! Regarding why I chose Shtetl-Optimized for a blog title, see my first post.